Leadership Development



TRU SK Consultant, LLC provides Urban School Reform Leadership Training to Principals and School District Level Leadership. This training is gear towards helping leaders of inner city schools understand that they are change agents. Thus, helping principals and superintendent understand the difference between institutional change and the the human dynamics of change. In addition, there is an implicit focus on how to apply transformational leadership practices in urban school settings.

TRU SK Consultants, LLC provides Professional Development for School Based Core Instructional Leadership Teams. Through team building, shared visions and collective goal setting, TRU SK Consultants, LLC fosters and supports ‘Strategic Instructional Improvement’ through improving school outcomes by analyzing school data and developing comprehensive educational plans.

TRU SK Consultants, LLC manages and turn keys ‘Whole School Reform’ agenda for school districts with schools that are designated as low performing by State Education Departments. Thus, school districts allow TRU SK Consultants, LLC to supervise low-performing schools for three years; with the specific purpose of  developing schools that are significantly improved and poised to become high performing. Therefore, TRU SK Consultants, LLC develops a school improvement plan for each school. In addition, facilitate the school improvement process. This process includes assessing and  improving school culture; training and  supporting effective school leaders and the professional development of teachers.

TRU SK Consultants, LLC provides a wellness program for urban school leaders, teachers, and counselors. The goal is to help educators effectively manage their time; strike a balance between their professional and personal lives; effectively manage stress and develop a personal  healthy lifestyle plan.

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